MDA's History

On April 1, 2005, the Mail Management Agency (MMA) and Materials Distribution Agency (MDA) merged into one organization. The new Agency is a one-stop distribution centre with capabilities to meet mail, distribution and shipping needs for a variety of products and services.

Our history consists of two separate agencies merged to become one:


Materials Distribution began as a branch in 1974 to provide the government with low cost, centralized materials management for government departments, boards, commissions and agencies. In 1993, the Materials Distribution Agency became a Special Operating Agency mandated to meet the supply requirements of this wide spectrum of organizations within the broader public service. 


Postal Service began as a branch in 1956 responsible for centralized postal management within the Manitoba Government.  

Mail Management Agency became a Special Operating Agency on April 1, 1996 and began to position itself as a cost-effective and efficient service. The Agency realigned its main facility, organizational structure, systems and methods of operation to assist in its thrust of meeting or exceeding the expectations of its existing and future clients.

Our Agency Today

Today, our combined agency occupies 76,000 square feet of warehouse, workshop and office space. We have over 80 staff and process over 9,000,000 pieces of mail and 60,000 product orders each year.

Endorsed by the Government of Manitoba’s Procurement Council as the “Supplier of Choice,” we have restructured our organization to be customer focused, employing customer-focused staff, as well as setting goals to improve our product and service offerings. We continue to make changes to improve our Agency, and provide the products and services you need.

See our Wellness at MDA page for information on our wellness program.