We have compiled the most frequently asked questions over the past few years:

Q: How do I make a new product request?

A: To make new product suggestions, fill out a New Product Suggestion Form and fax it to MDA.

Q: I receive the monthly MDA Connected flyer by fax. The flyer’s quality is blurry and poor. How can the quality of these updates be improved?

A: The PDF flyers are available on the website under MDA Products —> Catalogues & Flyers  —> More Flyers. You will find the PDF quality to be outstanding compared to the fax format.

Q: Do re-manufactured toner cartridges last as long as new cartridges?

A: Yes. All cartridges are re-manufactured using the same quality of toner as new cartridges. On a regular basis, re-manufactured cartridges are tested to the end of its life to ensure they match the life-cycle of the new cartridges.

Q: Will using re-manufactured cartridges invalidate my printer warranty?

A: No. Printer manufacturers have never invalidated a warranty because of the use of a re-manufactured product. Hewlett Packard’s warranty clearly states "The use of non-Hewlett Packard toner cartridges does not affect either the warranty or any maintenance contract purchased from HP." In fact, Hewlett Packard actively encourages it in their Recycling Policy. They also encourage users to return their used cartridges to their local centre where the cartridges are passed on to companies like MDA for re-manufacturing.

Q: How can I get more Toner Recycling Program labels to return my old toner cartridges? 

A: Please email e-order@gov.mb.ca. (Also see MDA’s Products & Services Catalogue for Toner Recycling Program details.

Q: When I submit my order in SAP, which option do I chose in the medium drop-down menu section?

A: MDA suggest users select the “Distribution ALE” option. This will send your order electronically and has a faster response time.

Q: How can I ensure that my order has been properly sent in SAP?

A: The SAP order system has a proven 99% accuracy rate. Look for the green check to confirm that your order has been transmitted. If MDA has your email address on file, you will receive an email confirming that MDA received your order. If there are problems during the process, the SAP Help Desk will contact you to assist with any complications.

Q: What are Green products and what makes a product Green or recycled?

A: Green products are made from environmentally-friendly products. Other Green products are manufactured with environmentally-friendly processes. Some products cannot be recycled, so these manufacturers use recycled packaging to do their part for our environment.

For more information on TheSustainable Development Act, visit www.gov.mb.ca/gs/psb/green.html. This site also contains links to the Procurement Guidelines, and external links to the Manitoba Green Procurement Network (MGPN) and the Centre for the Indigenous Environmental Resources’ (CIER) “PROCARA” Green vendor directory.

Q: How can we purchase MDA products?

A: MDA has two convenient methods:

  • Use SAP and order from the SAP Outline Agreement #4600005528
  • Fax or email your order

Q: What if a product I purchase does not meet my expectations?

A: If you find that a product does not perform to your expectations, please call Client Services at (204) 945-3000. We will evaluate the product immediately and address your concerns.

Q: Does MDA provide used furniture or custom made furniture?

A: MDA offers both custom-made and surplus furniture. We carry a supply of used furniture and equipment, including boardroom chairs, filing cabinets, desks, tables and more! See the Purchasing a Workstation or Furniture section on this website.

Q: How does MDA’s pricing compare to other competitors?

A: MDA’s products were compared by an external agency. It was determined that our prices are up to 20% lower than local competitors. Check out our Price Match Policy. If you see the same product advertised at a lower price, we will match the price. Because MDA is governed by fair tender practices, we already cost compare for you.

Q: How long does it take to get our order once we have placed the order?

A: If you are ordering through SAP, MDA will process the order for delivery within 48 business hours of receiving it. However, delivery times are affected by the following:

  • If you indicate a requested date on your order, MDA will deliver on the day requested.
  • If your order is delayed at the approval level, the delivery time will be based on the time it arrives at MDA.
  • RUSH ORDERS: Contact MDA at (204) 945-3000 with your request or indicate rush in the leading text document inSAP.
  • ORDER NOTIFICATION: If MDA has your email address on file, you will be notified that your order was received. If you do not receive this notification, contact us at 945-3000 with your email information and we will add you to the list to ensure you receive confirmation for your orders.