MDA Green Choice

Provincial and municipal governments, large and small businesses, as well as community organizations are growing a greener world.

MDA Green Choice is a part of the government procurement vision. MDA believes a strong and green economy can sustain our natural assets, promote healthy living and ensure an efficient government. Watch for the Green Choice symbol throughout the catalogue. This symbol highlights the products that are environmentally friendly, safe and sensitive.

Doing Your Part 

You can do your part — just get involved!

  1. Order Green Choice Products
    Green Choice products can be found by reviewing the Green Index of the MDA Products & Services Catalogue.
  2. Suggest Green Choice Products
    Can’t find an eco-friendly product in the catalogue? Download the New Product Suggestion form and let us know.

Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development has been identified by the Government of Manitoba as an important factor in purchasing products. With the Procurement Services Branch, MDA promises that Green Choice product selection will continue to grow and become an important part of the MDA Products & Services catalogues.