Speciality Services

IDM Signature / Proof of Delivery Service

Proof of delivery is important when sending important and sensitive documents within government. Using IDM Signature creates a paper trail that provides proof of delivery in the event there is any discrepancy or claim of non-delivery.

Sign up for IDM Signature/Proof of Delivery Service today!

For an extra $1.80 per package, this service will provide you with a signed confirmation of delivery and peace of mind.

To Use This Service

  • To register for the service, telephone 945-0570 or sign up through SAP
  • Order Signature Service Delivery Books (SAP #054303)  on page 118 of the MDA Products & Services Catalogue
  • Fill out a Signature Service slip per the instructions
  • Keep the “Originator” copy
  • Attach the remaining three copies to your package and forward your items to MDA – Mail Services.

After your item is delivered, you will receive the signed copy of the Proof of Delivery slip confirming your item has been delivered on time and to the correct destination.


Courier Service Contracts

MDA can save your office time and money. We provide clients with access to two high volume contracts for courier services – Purolator and Canada Post.

Over 900 offices are saving already!

Here’s how to use this service:

  • Call MDA at (204) 945-2820 to get a courier agreement number
  • Use the number for every parcel delivery
  • Contact Purolator or Canada Post when you have a parcel that needs to be delivered
  • Quote your Courier Agreement Number and arrange for pick up
  • Fill out the bill of landing
  • Either Canada Post or Purolator will pick up your package


Mail Redirection Service

The Mail Redirection Service will redirect mail from one location to another location. This service is useful when:

  • your office relocates

  • you would like your mail delivered to another office

For more information on the Mail Redirection Service, please contact a Client Services representative at (204) 945-2820 or via email at 1290mdams@gov.mb.ca.