Mandate / Operating Values

"To cost-effectively meet supply requirements and provide centralized mail services to organizations within the broader public service, including provincial, federal and municipal governments."

MDA is not funded by government and must collect revenue to cover its operational, staffing, rent and other related costs through the sale and distribution of mail, products and services. The driving force of MDA is to provide value-added customer service, without the requirement to improve net profits.

Operating Values

MDA supports its Mission Statement and goals with three main operating values – Reliability, Teamwork and Accountability. 


  • We continually improve all aspects of our organization
  • We provide consistent service
  • We establish and follow standards
  • We don’t make promises we can’t keep
  • We meet deadlines
  • We are fair
  • We demonstrate integrity


  • We behave ethically
  • We recognize achievements
  • We communicate
  • We are positive
  • We see each call as an opportunity
  • We value diversity of backgrounds and opinions
  • We create and support a common direction and common goals
  • Team goals are our priority


  • We meet deadlines
  • We provide our clients with quality assured goods
  • We save government clients money
  • We strive to know our clients’ needs