Mail Preparation and Digital Mail Services

Are you stuck with doing your own mail-outs — those monthly gatherings where a group of you and your co-workers gather round to stuff envelopes? Or, standing in front of a copier all day, making sure the collating is correct? Why haven’t you called MDA?

MDA’s Mail Preparation and Digital Mail Services will help prepare and sort your maily, print your black and white documents, and even check addresses and label your envelopes.

Whether the project is large and complicated, or small and simple, Mail Preparation and Digital Mail Services can make your work much easier. Whether you want to target a specific audience, such as a school division, or a local neighbourhood, Mail Preparation and Digital Mail Services can do the job faster and more economically.

Mail Preparation and Digital Mail Services provides the following services:

  • Mail list management
  • Letter, label and envelope addressing
  • Variable data digital printing *
  • Address correction
  • Manual labeling services
  • Addressing (Inkjet envelope/label addressing process)
  • Mail sorting
  • Finishing services (folding, matching, and inserting)
  • Postage – Permit mailing

To use this service:

  • Complete and fax in a Job Request Form
  • A Client Services representative will contact you to discuss/confirm your requirements

(If you require assistance completing the form, contact Client Services at (204) 945-2820.)

Digital Printing Services

MDA specializes in Variable Data Digital Printing, more commonly known as merged document printing. Send us your file and we will merge it, format it, send you the proof, and print it.

We print double or single-sided documents on various sizes of paper. Our machines process 112 pages per minute — 56,720 copies per hour. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that the cost per impression is significantly lower than the cost of running your own printer , especially when you consider toner, paper and staff time. 

Finishing Services

Once your printed documents ready to go, MDA will provide: 

  • Folding - the manual folding  of an item to a specified size, usually to fit an envelope.
  • Matching - matching an initial document with one or more items
  • Inserting - inserting/stuffing material into envelopes or other containers

Mail Sorting

The way your mail is prepared and presented to Canada Post can save you big dollars. One of the easiest ways to reduce the cost of a large mailing is to sort your mail in very specific ways.

MDA will sort your mail according to Canada Post specifications to reduce your postage costs. All you have to do is contact MMPS to initiate a job request.

We can help you identify the services you need and the best and most effective methods to save $$$.

Mailing Incentive Rates

Contact MDA Client Services at (204) 945-2820 for more information. You may qualify.

Address Correction

The Address Correction process compares your electronic addresses against the Canada Post database, and corrects the addresses. Some addresses may not be correctable.

This software only looks at the address, not the person. Once we correct the addresses, MDA can report the list error codes and address accuracy for your review and records.


The Addressing process applies addresses to envelopes or labels using an inkjet addressing system. We can verify, correct and pre-sort electronic addresses to meet Canada Post standards. We then insert your documents, bundle and mail your items.

Should your mailing requirements or envelope specifications not allow us to print addresses directly on the envelope, we will create labels and affix them manually.

Manual Labeling Service

The Manual Labeling Service is necessary when items are too large to fit into the inkjet addressing equipment or the envelope is not suitable for the inkjet addressing. We create the labels for you if you cannot provide them to us.

Whatever method you choose, our staff can easily and economically place the labels on your envelopes.


* for standard/routine printing projects, please contact your Communications Services Manitoba (CSM) coordinator.