MDA Products

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Catalogues & Flyers

  • MDA Medical Catalogue and Flyer
    Lists medical equipment and supplies for Home Care, Family Services and Housing, Provincial Lab Supplies, Harm Reduction, and other government-funded health and quality care programs.
  • MDA Products and Services Catalogue and Flyer
    Contains over 3500 select office, janitorial, cleaning and furniture products.
  • Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
    for those customers who purchase MDA-distributed products and may be occupationally exposed to potentially hazardous substances. These concerns are applicable to general consumer usage.

Suggesting and Evaluating Existing Products
Explains how to suggest the addition of new products to the MDA inventory, as well as how to evaluate products that do not meet your expectations.

Go Green!
Provides links to ordering Green Choice products and how to suggest the addition of Green Choice products to the MDA inventory. Visitors will also find information about sustainable development and the Green and Growing Strategy.