buying the right chair

Picking the perfect chair isn't easy. Before you buy, ask questions and try the selections out first. MDA can help. Call us at (204) 945-1614 and we’ll help you find the chair that fits you best.

Questions to Consider When Buying a Chair

  • Does the chair have a 5 caster swivel base?
  • Can adjustments be made easily while sitting in the chair?
  • Does the seat pan have a rounded front edge?
  • Is the seat pan wide enough and deep (long) enough to fit you comfortably?
  • Does the chair have firm padding covered with non-slip, breathable fabric?
  • Is the backrest curved to fit the shape of your back?
  • Is there adequate padding for the lower back area?
  • Is the height adjustable? (separate from seat pan)
  • Is the backrest wide enough and high enough to fit your back comfortably while you work?
  • Are the height and width of the armrests adjustable?

Is Your Workstation Ergonomically Correct?

Here is a checklist to ensure your workstation is ergonomic.


Wrists Naturally straight position; not bent up, down, or from side to side
Elbows Bent between 90° and 100° (right angle), close to your body, and supported if possible
Shoulders Relaxed (not slouched or raised)
Neck Facing forward and not looking up, down, or to either side
Hips Bent around 90° with your thighs roughly parallel to the floor
Low Back Supported to maintain its natural curve
Knees Bent at about 90° with enough space between the back of your knees and the chair to place your fist
Feet Placed flat on the floor or supported by a footrest
  Source: Occupational Health Clinics for Ontario Workers Inc.