MDA Medical Products Catalogue

The current MDA Medical Products Catalogue provides medical equipment and supplies for Home Care, Family Services and Housing, Provincial Lab Supplies, Harm Reduction, and other government and government-funded health and quality care programs.

Quarterly Medical Update Flyer
Currently released medical flyer.

Standard Medical Equipment Form
Use this form when ordering medical equipment and supplies from the catalogue.

Grab Bar & Transfer Pole Installation Fax Form
See Aids to Daily Living section in catalogue (Pages 185 and 199).

Search the PDF Catalogue

Did you know you can search these PDF files? Here’s how.

  1. Select and click on an index to search.
  2. Enter the item type you would like to find in your search window. (You may search in either Acrobat or Acrobat Reader.)
  3. Note the page number for the product.
  4. Close the index.
  5. Check the catalogue sections and their page numbers to locate the section you require.
  6. Click on the section title.
  7. In the menu bar, you should see page numbers (indicating what page you are currently on). Replace the current page number for the page number you need. Alternatively, you may also simply type the product required into the search window.
Catalogue Sections




General (a)  39-58
General (b)   59-77
General (c)    78-80
Nutritional Supplements  81-90
Cardiovascular/Respiratory   91-106
Integument/Skin   107-126
Gastro-Intestinal(Enteral)   127-134
Childcare  135-146
Reproductive Health  147-152
Lab & X-Ray 153-176
Medical Equipment 177-196
Aids to Daily Living 197-220
Bed Bug Control 221-224
Index 225-231
SAP Index 232-244

New Product Requests

MDA carries a wide variety of medical products and equpment, with the majority of these being frequently ordered items. On occasion, MDA is asked to carry a new item in the catalogue or to bring in an item for a specific client. See Suggesting and Evaluating New Products for further information.

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