Purchasing a Workstation or Furniture

MDA offers new, used and customized office furniture and workstations. By working with the Accommodation Services Division and industry experts, we provide furniture that is functional, well-designed and cost-effective.

Experienced staff will work with you to find the furniture that’s right for you. MDA even takes care of organizing the delivery and setup!

REMINDER. For warranty purposes, please remember to thoroughly inspect all furniture for damage. See Inspection and Warranty information.

New/Customized Furniture Requests

See "Picking the Right Workstation" and "Your Options to Customize Your Workstation" in the Workstations (pdf) section of the catalogue for helpful information.

If you have any questions and/or are ready to discuss your needs, please contact an MDA Furniture Client Services representative at (204) 945-1614.

  • An MDA vendor will meet with you onsite (in Winnipeg and some surrounding areas) and review your requirements.
  • Your furniture specifications will be sent to MDA. (Note that the maximum government workstation size is 7’ x 9’.)
  • MDA will provide a drawing of the proposed workstation and/or components.
  • The drawing(s) and price quote(s) will be sent to you for your approval. 
  • Place your order via SAP or by using a Non-SAP Materials Requisition Form (PSF-9).

IMPORTANT! For all new and customized workstation, use only SAP #038239. For workstation components, use SAP #042894.

Once your order is ready, the vendor will deliver and install the workstation. Estimated delivery is within 4–6 weeks. See Furniture Delivery Schedule for more information.

IMPORTANT! Customized workstations are not returnable. See the Furniture Return and Restocking Policy for additional information.

Requesting Executive Furniture

Executive style furniture, such as is used for Assistant Deputy Ministers, Deputy Ministers, Ministers, must be processed through a Request for Service form that is sent to the Accommodation Development Division.

Purchasing Chairs

Your chair is one of the most important parts of your workstation. Before you buy, call MDA at  (204) 945-1614 to make arrangements to come down and see samples of chairs. MDA may also provide demo models for you to try. 

Buying the Right Chair lists some questions to consider before you buy, as well as a checklist to make sure your work area is comfortable and ergonomically correct.

Selecting Used Furniture

Help reduce the impact to the environment, and be cost-effective at the same time. Purchase previously used office furnishings. MDA carries used furniture and equipment, including boardroom chairs, filing cabinets, desks, tables and much more!

If you have any questions and/or would like to view the current inventory of used furniture, please contact MDA at (204) 791-0978.

IMPORTANT! For all used furniture, use only SAP #038262.

Submit a Service Request Form (PSF-21)

Removal and Disposal Services

Did you buy new furniture and now need room for it? Complete a Service Request Form (PSF-21) or contact MDA’s Transportation Services at (204) 791-0978 to arrange for removal and/or disposal of furniture you no longer require.